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one-thousand creative items. Entering the west hall of the building, 805 balls combine to form an 18-meter-long by 12-meter-wide display. The colorful array can shift into 12 different patterns usi▓

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design program. The 47-meter-high double-helix structure reflects basic life science.The new phase of the China Science &

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  • r science exhibitions, Ast
  • ro-Vision film shows,
  • training-based
  • education pro▓grams,
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Beijing's ne

Inside Building

amp; Technology Museum has h▓eld its opening ceremony, finally opening its gate to eager science lovers after three years of construc

tion. Judging from its exterior, spec▓tators will find the journey through the museum both entertaining and nourishing to th▓eir brain.Situated at the northeast part

west museu


of Olympic Green, the new sit▓e of the China Science & Technology Museum is near the iconic Bird's Nest and Water Cube.The museum was created by the well-known craftsman Lu Ban, and is shaped like a huge lock. It

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